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ruler of everything that is evil
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About Me
Giulia (or Joo Young). 17 years old. 100% Korean but she was born in Italy. Lives in Rome with her parents and a younger bro. Shy. Lazy. Pessimist. Sensitive. Creative. Crazy. True Friend (I guess lol). Loyal. Not Overacted. True Friendiship Believer. Still looking for her Prince ROTFL.gif. Kpop & Kdrama addicted. Believes in her dreams (kind of).
My family. My friends. Hanging Out. Chatting. Travelling. Chocolate. Photoshopping.  Shopping. Reading. Harry Potter.Twilight. The Bronze
Horseman. Being Korean.  Korea & everything related to it. Music. Andy (XD). Shinhwa. Bi/Rain. Kim Jung Hoon.  Simple Plan. Christina Aguilera. Lee Hyori. Movies.  My Sassy Girl. Tristan+Isolde. Romeo+Juliet.  The Notebook. Pirates of Carrabean. Spiderman. Memoirs Of A Geisha. Telefilms/Dramas. Goong. Full House. My name is Kim Sam Soon. Witch Yoo Hee. Lost. The OC.  Grey's Anatomy. Dr. House. Desperate Housewives. Smallville. Charmed. One Tree Hill. Supernatural. Ugly Betty. Kick Boxing. Taekwondo. Basketball.
Hypocrism. Fascism. Fake people. Overacted people. People who thinks they are the best. Physics. People who judges you before they know you. Complicated people. Teachers. Being useless. Mosquitos. Insects.
Summer&Seth. Draco&Ginny. Ron&Hermione. Mark&Addison. Addison&Alex. Christina&Burke. Alex&Izzie. Derek&Meredith. Rachel&Ross. Monica&Chandler. Kate&Sawyer. Charlie&Claire. Cameron&House. Micheal&Sara. Pacey&Joey. Mike&Susan. Lois&Clark.  Lorelai&Luke. Brooke&Lucas. Nathan&Haley.

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